Rogue Resolutions partners up for sports performance study

Rogue Resolutions have partnered up with British cycle specialist, Ribble Cycles, for a live, in-store neuroscience study to test whether brain stimulation can improve sports performance.

After establishing a relationship and mutual love of all things cycling, Cardiff-based Rogue Resolutions and Cardiff’s latest bike shop, Ribble Cycles, have teamed up to replicate a number of studies which examine the effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on time to exhaustion and physiological responses during high intensity, constant load exercise in order to prove or disprove the theory that tDCS can increase time to exhaustion.

The study which will take place over two or three days will begin its first day of testing on Tuesday 13th December at the Ribble Cycles Cardiff Showroom in St David’s Shopping Centre. Shoppers visiting the centre will be able to see neuroscience in action first-hand.

Managing Director of Rogue Resolutions, Andrew Thomas said “This is a really exciting project for us, especially as public interest in brain enhancement grows. There is a real mixed bag of research out there making claims one way or the other. The truth is, nobody really has the answer yet because it’s such a new area. More research needs to be done and I hope that our study can offer some valuable insight. ”

The first round of testing is due to take place at Ribble Cycles city centre showroom in the run-up to Christmas. The increased footfall over the weeks in the run-up to Christmas will provide both companies with extended outreach and further brand awareness. Ribble will be providing the bicycle and static trainer on which Rogue Resolutions plan to do their first phase of testing.

As research of this nature has only really come to the fore within the last 12 months there is a chance that the results from this study could be published, should they be found to be of significant value. Ribble Cycles and Rogue Resolutions have the opportunity to be cited in this publication.