Neuroscience in Action: Cyclone24

Rogue Resolutions is excited to be participating in Cyclone24; a 24hr velodrome challenge that tests strength, determination and team spirit.   Training is already underway for this gruelling non-stop relay in which each team attempts to travel the furthest distance in 24 hours in order to raise money for homelessness charity The Wallich.

To sponsor the Rogue Resolutions team, visit our Just Giving page.   As part of this event, our team of six cyclists, including our MD Andrew Thomas, Commercial Director Dan Phillips, Dr Steve Frey of Rogue Research, Karen Bunday of UCL’s Institute of Neuroscience and Jemma Sedgmond from Cardiff’s CUBRIC, will be participating in the first of Rogue Resolutions’ Neuroscience in Action campaign activities.

Neuroscience in Action: Cyclone24 Our Neuroscience in Action campaign launches with a live experiment where we will be looking at reaction time and cognitive impairment during fatigue. Throughout the 24 hours we will be putting our team through a series of tasks measuring physiological functions and higher order cognitive processing. The aim is to demonstrate how fatigue impacts on the brain during sport and whether brain stimulation can counteract some of the adverse affects. Whilst not a large scale scientific experiment, it is hoped that we can provide sufficient data to kick start further research.

The Cyclone24 event takes place at the Newport International Velodrome and starts at 12noon on Sunday 11th October and finishes at 12noon on Monday 12th October. The event is free of charge for spectators at attend.