New integrated TMS-EEG system installed at University of Oxford

We are pleased to announce the installation and training of a new integrated neuroscience research solution for Oxford University’s Department for Experimental Psychology.

The installed package comprises a DuoMAG MP single pulse TMS system and a DuoMAG XT rTMS system alongside a TruTrace EMG device and a TruScan Research EEG system. Together this cutting edge combination offers a TMS-compatible EEG solution with unrivalled artefact recovery time of 2 milliseconds.

Dr Riikka Mottonen, Head of the Communication and Cognition Research Group where the new instruments are based, explained: “We are interested in the neural basis of speech communication, especially how the sensorimotor and multisensory interactions support speech perception… We are planning to study how motor and auditory systems interact during speech perception. We will use TMS to disrupt the speech motor cortex and use EEG to measure how auditory processing of speech sounds is affected”.

The group first heard of Rogue Resolutions through a colleague who had used a system at one of our workshops and was impressed. Following initial contact, Rogue Resolutions organised an interactive product demonstration with the group at Oxford. “We liked that Rogue Resolutions was able to provide TMS, EMG and EEG systems that were nicely integrated.” comments Dr Mottonen. “Dan and David were very knowledgeable, willing to take our specific needs into account and clearly proud of their product!” The decision was also helped by the competitive price and the wide range of compatible coils and accessories available.

Rogue Resolutions provides integrated neuroscience solutions to the world’s leading neuroscience groups. As part of our ongoing commitment to young researchers we are proud to be running a programme of hands-on workshops. To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us.