Lancaster University sets up new high-spec TMS lab

Rogue Resolutions are proud to have set up a new transcranial magnetic stimulation laboratory at Lancaster University. The lab features the DuoMAG XT-100 repetitive TMS stimulator, the DuoMAG MP-Dual TMS stimulator for paired-pulse/twin coil and the Brainsight TMS navigation system for reproducible, targeted coil placement.

The lab, part of the Psychology Department, will be headed up by Dr Helen Nuttall whose specific research interests concern the neurobiological basis of speech perception. She plans to commence her studies by running a combination of virtual lesion and MEP experiments.

Before purchasing, Rogue Resolutions organised a product demonstration which gave Helen and her team ample time to ask technical questions and appreciate the full functionality of the instruments. “The average brain development within the Brainsight software is a very useful feature for extending neuronavigation possibilities in the absence of subject-specific MRI data”, says Helen.

Helen first heard of Rogue Resolutions from a colleague at University College London (UCL) who was collaborating with Rogue Resolutions to run a TMS course on neurophysiology. Since then Dr Nuttall has been a course instructor for the TMS for Cognitive Neuroscience workshop. Her decision to buy DuoMAG and Brainsight from Rogue Resolutions was made based on the flexibility and extensive software features, integrated TMS-EMG, paired pulse programming and numerous targeting options within the neuronavigation, “I was impressed by it and the research support offered by Rogue Resolutions,” she said.

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