New repetitive TMS system installed at Bournemouth University

We are pleased to announce the recent installation of a DuoMAG XT-100 repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulator (rTMS) system at Bournemouth University’s Department of Psychology. 

Dr Ben Parris, Head of Research in the Department, whose research investigates the cognitive and neural mechanisms of cognitive control, explains what they have planned with the new equipment: “Given the size of our department, we have a variety of studies planned. However, the initial studies are likely to be ones considering the role of the Dorso-Lateral Prefrontal Cortex in Hypnotic and Placebo analgesia and also in resolving task conflict in the Stroop task.”

The group first heard about Rogue Resolutions through a colleague at UCL and made the final decision to buy the equipment after attending one of our hands-on workshop courses where they had a chance to become familiar with the DuoMAG devices. Ben gives “the ease of use and clear and compelling effects of TMS” as the most interesting and compelling aspects of the product demonstration.

The DuoMAG XT package included:

  • DuoMAG tower with counter-balanced arm
  • 2-channel EMG
  • Double 70mm coils
  • Double 70mm cooled-coil

This flexible combination allows programmable repetitive trains and unrivalled burst sequences with the ability to achieve 100Hz repetitive TMS at 40% intensity which is the new industry standard.
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