Paired pulse TMS system installed at Goldsmiths, University of London

We are pleased to announce the recent installation of a DuoMAG MP-Dual system for the Department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The DuoMAG MP-Dual is a fully configurable, paired pulse TMS stimulator supported by a complete range of coils. It has up to 2Hz repetition rate and allows the researcher to study inter- and intra-cortical inhibition and facilitation.

The lab receiving the equipment, headed by Dr Michael Banissy, is interested in the neural basis of social perception and social cognition. Their work on social perception aims to examine our ability to perceive and interpret social signals (e.g. emotional expressions, facial identity, voice perception, eye gaze, trait judgments). While their research on social cognition aims to examine mechanisms that contribute to our ability to experience empathy, and to control representations of the self or other in order to support social interaction.

Dr Banissy describes what the new equipment will be used for: “We are planning on using TMS to study how brain regions in the face processing network interact to support facial identity and facial emotion perception. We will also use TMS to examine brain network interactions in empathy and self-other representations.”

Before committing to the purchase, Rogue Resolutions organised a product demonstration where the lab group were able to see the stimulator in action. Dr Banissy went on to say “The product was impressive and had a number of features that we were looking for. We also particularly liked the coil design and interface for triggering. Dan and David were very knowledgeable about the product and answered all of our questions thoroughly.”

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