Rogue Resolutions equip Cardiff neuroscience facility with multi-system order

The Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) recently benefitted from installation of four Brainsight TMS Navigation systems, continuing their close relationship with Rogue Resolutions and enhancing their research capabilities.

The Brainsight TMS Navigation system is a revolutionary product used in over 500 laboratories worldwide to enable a TMS coil to be positioned over a specified target location based on an MRI scan or average head model. It offers universal compatibility, working with any TMS system from any manufacturer and is the pioneer in the field.

CUBRIC in Cardiff, South Wales is a state-of-the-art research and imaging centre, home to four MRI scanners (including a microstructural scanner of which there is only one other in the world), one MEG scanner, and multiple EEG, brain stimulation, cognitive testing, and sleep labs. We spoke with Jemma Sedgmond the lab manager responsible for the brain stimulation and cognitive testing labs. She first became aware of Rogue Resolutions during her initial role as research assistant in CUBRIC, “I was brought in on a project looking at TMS induced blindsight which used a much older version of Brainsight to locate the calcarine sulcus in order to elicit phosphenes. I have since used other products from Rogue such as the neuroConn DC Stimulator for an ongoing tDCS project” she says. It was this first hand experience of working with Rogue Resolutions and the “excellent customer relations” over phone, via email and in person, which helped her choose Rogue Resolutions as the supplier over other competitors.

Jemma describes what was most compelling about the new systems: “The ability for a TMS pulse to automatically mark a location on a subject’s brain scan will be invaluable. Manually doing this on old systems was possible but not with the guarantee of such accuracy.” She goes on to add “Public engagement is also very important to us in CUBRIC and we have hosted many tours and talks for school children since we opened. Brainsight being so light and transportable means that we have been able to move the equipment freely and easily around the building to use as part of these talks. We also hope to incorporate Brainsight into our TMS practical sessions that we run for the MSc Neuroimaging students.”

The new equipment will be used in multiple studies looking at visual cognition, cognitive control, and motor control – all of which will be pre-registered and available via the open science framework before data collection commences.

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