Dr Camilla Nord: Young Investigator Award Winner 2019

Dr Camilla Nord

Congratulations to Dr Camilla Nord of the University of Cambridge who has been selected by the Brainbox Initiative’s esteemed Scientific Committee as the winner of the 2019 Young Investigator Award for her exciting neuroscience research.

At Brainbox, we firmly believe that some of the greatest neuroscience discoveries and advances come from the research that is being carried out every day by early and mid-career neuroscientists. In 2017, the Young Investigator Award was founded in order to help stimulate, promote, and reward this groundbreaking work being carried out, and to help further our commitment to giving these researchers a voice. Since its inception, we have received an incredible amount of high-quality research from neuroscientists around the world, and we are delighted to present this year’s award to Dr Camilla Nord.

Camilla’s award-winning research, a transdiagnostic approach to neurostimulation in psychiatry, provides the first report of improved goal-directed control as a result of brain stimulation. The study employs the relatively novel approach of using computational neurostimulation to delineate the effects of ccPAS on the subtle cognitive mechanisms that underpin decision-making processes: an approach that could inform the development of novel, transdiagnostic interventions for addictive disorders. As a result of this research, Camilla hopes, over the next several years, to develop a revolutionary new neurostimulation intervention aimed at improving emotional regulation: a key psychological strategy to help prevent and recover from many mental health disorders.

We are extremely excited to welcome Camilla back to the Brainbox Initiative Conference 2019 this September where she will be presenting her research, her findings, and discussing the future work that her research is helping to make possible.

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