New Turnkey Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation Tools Added to the Brainbox Product Lineup

Brainbox Ltd, a provider of integrated neurotechnology solutions, is delighted to announce NeuroFUS Systems™, turnkey focused ultrasound neuromodulation devices, as the latest addition to its range of best-in-class neuroscience research technologies.

Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation (FUN) represents an exciting opportunity for brain stimulation and neuromodulation research, as the new technology enables researchers to be highly selective and incredibly precise when targeting specific brain areas.

Using low-intensity focused ultrasound, NeuroFUS™ is a complete, state-of-the-art solution with unprecedented spatial resolution, providing researchers with non-invasive access to deeper brain structures than other neuromodulation techniques.

NeuroFUS™ is compatible with a wide range of neuroscience tools, including human behaviour tools, optical imaging (including fNIRS), EEG, AR/VR immersion, peripheral nerve stimulation (including VNS), tES, TMS, and many more.

NeuroFUS Focality

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Brainbox Managing Director Andrew Thomas says, ‘We’re really excited about bringing NeuroFUS into the Brainbox product range in collaboration with Sonic Concepts. Not only does it represent the first in a line of new developments for our business, but it has the potential to be a game-changing technology, and we are proud to be at the forefront of it.’

NeuroFUS™ Systems for neuroscience research are powered by Sonic Concepts, Inc.

William ‘Jamie’ Tyler, an Associate Professor at Arizona State University and the co-founder of IST, has spent more than a decade developing methods and devices that have enabled engineers and neuroscientists to engage in ultrasonic neuromodulation.

NeuroFUS™ builds upon Sonic Concepts’ current multi-element focused transducers, and includes safety features and an SDK: a complete software development kit that includes several acoustic neuromodulation pulse sequences.

tFUS Focality

Dallapiazza, R. F., Timbie, K. F., Holmberg, S., Gatesman, J., Lopes, M. B., Price, R. J., … & Elias, W. J. (2018). Noninvasive neuromodulation and thalamic mapping with low-intensity focused ultrasound. Journal of neurosurgery, 128(3), 875-884.

‘Sonic Concepts has consistently delivered the most robust and durable hardware that is used globally by a majority of neuroengineering laboratories, which are driving this innovative field forward. Their NeuroFUS™ systems will now allow new FUN methods to be implemented by a much broader array of scientists: including cognitive neuroscientists, neuromodulation researchers, and MedTech developers,’ says Tyler.

‘Brainbox is at the forefront of the neuromodulation community, and is the natural partner in selling and marketing NeuroFUS™ as the premier turnkey acoustic neuromodulation system,’ says Kyle Morrison, president of Sonic Concepts, Inc., ‘It is our collective vision that the NeuroFUS™ system enables the acoustic physicist and the cognitive neuroscientist alike to further the field of acoustic neuromodulation.’

Over the coming weeks, Brainbox will be working with our partners at Sonic Concepts to prepare for the NeuroFUS™ official unveiling at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Chicago in October.

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