Webinars: An Update

At the end of March, we launched our very first Brainbox Initiative WebinarFundamentals of Brainsight TMS Navigation—in response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. Our goal with these webinars was to provide an online platform for academics, researchers, and industry experts to continue engaging in meaningful neuroscience learning, training, and discussion while away from the lab. 

In the two months since our first webinar, we have been delighted to grow our offering of webinars to welcome a range of field-leading guest presenters from top institutions around the world and have, so far, had the pleasure of engaging over 3,000 researchers from 45 countries.

Webinars Registration Map


Since these first sessions we have also expanded the series to cover a wide array of interesting topics across neuromodulation and neuroimaging techniques: from introductions to transcranial focused ultrasound; to discussions of computational modelling; grant writing support for early-career scientists; advanced sessions exploring multimodal techniques such as TMS-EEG and tES-MRI; and much more.


Today, we are very pleased to announce—as a direct result of the incredible response and support that we have had for these webinars—that we will be continuing to provide these free, interactive sessions long into the future.

While we try to schedule our webinars to reach as many attendees as possible, we understand that it's not always possible to join us for these live events. For those of you who have been unable to join us for one or more of our webinars but still want the opportunity to watch and learn from these sessions, we are working hard to compile a catalogue of videos on our YouTube channel where you can catch up with our webinars on demand.

For follow-up discussions, extended Q&A sessions, and updates and news about research funding, grants, and vacancies, make sure that you also sign up to join us on the Brainbox Initiative Forum: a completely open, free-of-charge platform designed specifically to augment and supplement our range of webinars and events, and to encourage an ongoing discussion of these topics.

Make sure to visit the Brainbox Initiative website and sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates about our webinars.

Watch the full playlist of Brainbox Initiative webinars here: