Introducing Infinitome: Connectomics for Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Research

We are pleased to officially announce our new partnership with Australian neurotechnology company Omniscient to bring their exciting Infinitome software to our customers.

Combining Connectomics, the big data approach to the brain, with advanced and intuitive software platforms, Omniscient’s Infinitome platform is connecting research pioneers in neuroscience, neurology, and neurosurgery with subject-specific brain maps.

Using an enterprise-grade, HIPAA-compliant research platform, Infinitome is able to convert raw MRI data into detailed, functional network maps of the human brain that are fully flexible and scalable for projects of all sizes and scopes. Built for practicality, Infinitome makes use of advanced cloud computing, image correction, and machine learning-based analytics which ensure that researchers spend less time resolving IT issues and more time publishing groundbreaking research.

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director of Brainbox, says, “We are very excited about the possibilities that Infinitome will open up for our customers. Infinitome enables every laboratory to have access to automated parcellations of the Glasser atlas, which utilises functional and anatomical magnetic resonance imaging data to provide a detailed atlas of the human brain. Such an atlas can be used to create functional connectivity matrices, which enables subsections of a certain brain area (e.g. DLPFC) that form networks with an additional target of interest to be highlighted. Such areas can then be used as targets for non-invasive brain stimulation where brain networks are targeted, rather than simple anatomical targets.”

Omniscient’s Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder, Stephane Doyen, PhD, says, “Partnering with BrainBox who not only have expertise in non-invasive brain stimulation but also targeted and precision techniques was a natural and important step for us. There is mounting evidence that where stimulation is applied is as important as how and Infinitome unlocks areas of investigation for researchers.  We’re looking forward to the groundbreaking research coming out of Europe in this partnership.” 

Infinitome is now available to purchase from Brainbox. If you’d like to learn more the system, or the fundamentals of connectomics as a technique, you can read more throughout the Brainbox website.