Introducing the Brainbox Initiative Forum

The Brainbox Initiative was established in 2016 with the goal of helping to support, nurture, and promote the work of early-career neuroscientists.

Over the last four years, we have worked alongside a broad range of early-career neuroscientists and leading names in the field to deliver our range of hands-on workshops, training, and our annual conference.

At each of these events, the feedback we received has consistently focused on the benefits of communication, networking, and conversation between delegates and course leaders, and the opportunities for collaboration and support that these conversations can lead to. But the feedback has also acknowledged that, while discussing your research at a conference or workshop can be a rewarding experience, all too often it can be difficult to stay in touch to continue these conversations once the workshop is over and everyone returns to their own institutions.

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That’s why we’re launching the Brainbox Initiative Forum — a free-to-use, totally open platform that we hope will encourage ongoing collaboration and networking opportunities for all of our event and workshop attendees, course leaders, and the wider neuroscience community. Alongside suggestions and contributions from the Brainbox Initiative’s esteemed scientific committee, we believe this forum will provide an invaluable resource to bring early-career researchers together with our team of workshop and leading technical and academic experts to enable and encourage some really exciting research prospects.

Live now, we invite you all to join us in this new community. Featuring dedicated boards for our workshops and conferences where you’ll find important event updates and reading materials; ongoing discussions of completed and in-progress research; and guidance and support for funding and grant applications, we welcome you all to join the discussion today.

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