Announcing a New Product Partnership with PROTXX, Inc.

We are pleased to officially announce a new product partnership with California-based precision healthcare technology pioneer PROTXX, Inc. to bring the exciting new PROTXX Clinic system to our customers.

What is PROTXX Clinic?

As a platform, PROTXX Clinic integrates the PROTXX phybrata wearable neurophysiological sensor, machine learning analytics abilities, and cloud-based data services to enhance both in-clinic and remote care of patients with complex neurological conditions resulting from injuries (concussion), disease, ageing-related disorders, or genetic disorders.

Whereas the currently-employed standard clinical approaches to studying, diagnosing, and monitoring the effectiveness of treatments of these conditions often require numerous time-consuming tests with highly-specialised and expensive equipment, and/or are limited to subjective observations and patient self-reporting, the PROTXX phybrata sensor provides user-friendly, low-cost, in-clinic and remote precision patient assessments.PROTXX has worked with leading clinical neurology researchers to refine the phybrata mobile app user interface to maximize ease-of-use for patient self-testing at home.

PROTXX Phybrata Phone Applications

Andrew Thomas, Managing Director of Brainbox, says, “We are very excited about the possibilities that the PROTXX Clinic platform will open up for our customers, by enabling comprehensive neurosensory and neuromotor performance assessments in any clinical setting or research lab, as well as expanding remote assessments in areas such as sports settings. This increased access for larger numbers of clinicians, researchers, and patients will help to accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation in the assessment treatment, and rehabilitation of many different neurological conditions.

PROTXX CEO and Founder, John Ralston, added: “Partnering with Brainbox is a natural and important step for us. Their broad and deep expertise in clinical neurology and research products, coupled with their global customer reach, will accelerate deployments of the PROTXX Clinic solution in both research and clinical environments, and will expand the number of patients who can benefit from individualized, quantitative, and remote assessments of neurophysiological impairment severity and response to treatment and rehabilitation.”

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About PROTXX, Inc.

PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors, machine learning, and remote patient care transform the lives of tens of millions of people with complex neurophysiological medical conditions that can result from injuries, disease, ageing, or genetic disorders. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with Canadian operations based in Calgary, PROTXX is led by an accomplished team of IoT device and data platform engineers, clinical neurology researchers and practitioners, and digital healthcare business professionals. Supported by a well-established network of R&D, manufacturing, clinical pilot, and distributor partners in Canada and the U.S., PROTXX has been recognised with numerous industrial, academic, and government awards.