Sonic Concepts Launches New NeuroFUS Website as a Resource for Neuroscientists

Sonic Concepts, Inc. have launched a brand new website for the NeuroFUS system for transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation (TUS/tFUS).

The new website - which features detailed introductions to transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation as a technique; in-depth technical information; and a full repository for the cutting-edge research being carried out with TUS techniques - will act as a one-stop resource for any neuroscientists interested in learning more about the potential of neuromodulation with transcranial focused ultrasound and the NeuroFUS system itself.

Created as a collaborative effort between Brainbox, Sonic Concepts, Inc., and IST, the NeuroFUS is a complete, cost-effective, and laboratory-ready system that is making transcranial focused ultrasound neuromodulation accessible to more researchers than ever around the world.

Visit the new NeuroFUS website here.