A new partnership announced between Brainbox Ltd and MAG4Health

A new partnership between Brainbox Ltd and MAG4Health brings innovation to a global market of research with a new generation of MEG.

Brainbox Ltd announces a new agreement with Magnetoencephalography (MEG) pioneers, MAG4Health.

MEG is a non-invasive brain imaging technique that measures the magnetic fields produced by the brain’s electrical currents, currently used worldwide to map brain function with surgical precision. 

MAG4Health, a European start-up focused on a new generation of MEG has developed a turnkey optically-pumped magnetometers (OPM)-MEG device with their patented quantum technology that allows the use of the MEG device to operate at room temperature as well as allowing the system to be free of cryogenics and more accessible with OPM, creating a new wave of research and clinical applications. Speaking on the partnership between Brainbox and MAG4Health, CEO Dr Matthew Le Prado says “Brainbox and MAG4Health are very complementary, with many synergies. We share the desire to satisfy customers and contribute to the improvement of neural disease care”

Brainbox director, Andrew Thomas adds “The MAG4Health MEG system is an exciting new addition to our product portfolio. We are delighted to be working with MAG4Health to help bring this turnkey OPM-MEG device to the academic neuroscience community and help establish this emerging, innovative and accessible brain imaging technique as a viable method going forward.”

Brainbox is the leading global provider of integrated non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging solutions for neuroscience research. As integration specialists, Brainbox has a deep knowledge of the state-of-the-art equipment in their portfolio and a clear understanding of their customer’s research needs.

With decades of first-hand experience and a collaborative approach with both customers and manufacturers to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Brainbox enables world-class neuroscience research in both clinical and academic environments.

Brainbox will be working with MAG4Health to bring the new turnkey device to the global neuroscience research market and will be attending Society for Neuroscience (SfN) conference between November 12-16 where they will be showcasing the device to attendees at booth number 231.