mbt Smarting Recycle Program 2024

Our partners, mBrainTrain, are announcing the launch of the Smarting Recycle Program 2024, building on the success of its inaugural edition. As a leading mobile EEG company, mBrainTrain are committed to fostering sustainability and democratising neuroscience research. Last year's program saw the donation of refurbished Smarting devices to five projects in developing countries, enabling researchers to delve into various facets of brain function, from cognitive processes to neurodevelopmental disorders and cultural influences. 

The core mission of the Smarting Recycle Program remains unchanged: to empower researchers, promote sustainability, and make a positive environmental impact. In line with this mission, mBrainTrain invites researchers and institutions from developing countries to participate in the 2024 edition.

The Smarting Recycle Program 2024 offers existing mBrainTrain customers a 20% discount when they trade in their current Smarting or Smarting mobi devices for next-generation devices such as the Smarting PRO or Smarting PRO X. Returned devices are expertly refurbished by the mBrainTrain team and redistributed to research groups in developing countries. These refurbished systems boast excellent condition, high signal quality, robust wireless communication, and precise time synchronisation. 

In addition to supporting research in developing countries, mBrainTrain's program also prioritises education. Recognising the budget constraints faced by educational institutions, a portion of refurbished systems is dedicated to educational purposes, nurturing the growth of future researchers. 

“We believe that our initiative marks a crucial step towards making neuroscience accessible to all. Our vision is to ensure that everyone, regardless of geographical barriers or financial constraints, has an equal chance to contribute to scientific advancement. Join us in this mission by applying for a refurbished device or helping us spread the word,” states the mBrainTrain team. To learn more about the program and how to participate, visit the Smarting Recycle Program webpage and fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

mBrainTrain are a pioneering mobile EEG company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for real-life situations. From simple EEG systems to high-density systems, mBrainTrain's products enable mobile, outdoor, and social experiments, bridging the gap between EEG technology and everyday life. Their ongoing mission is to advance brain recording technology and seamlessly integrate it into everyday routines 
Have a smarting device and want to be part of this sustainable movement? Read more and apply for the exchange here: https://mbraintrain.com/smarting-recycle/