Axilum TMS-Cobot

The Axilum TMS Cobot (collaborative robotics) is designed specifically to allow accurate, safe, and reproducible placement of a TMS coil during an experiment or treatment session.

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DuoMag XT

Axilum TMS-Cobot

The TMS Cobot can be used in conjunction with a neuronavigation system such as Brainsight TMS Navigation or with its own piloting system, for applications where the participants own anatomical data (MRI) is not available or required. Both options are capable of compensating for any movement of the subject’s head to ensure constant, permanent contact between the coil and the head via its integrated pressure sensors.

Axilum TMS Cobot and TMS-Robot are approved in the EU as Class IIa Medical Devices intended to automate and improve the accuracy and repeatability of the position of a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil. They bear the CE marking 0120 whose conformity assessment has been established by the notified body SGS. The Axilum TMS Cobot is intended for research use only in all other regions.


The Axilum TMS Cobot’s integration with Neuronavigation technology helps improve the accuracy and repeatability of TMS coil placement and navigation.


As well as compensating for patients’ head movements, the Axilum TMS Cobot features multiple collision detection mechanisms in each joint to ensure patient and operator safety, while minimum management of the TMS coil alleviates operator stress.


The compact, mobile design of the system allows it to be moved and transported readily and easily.

Robotic arm adjustment

7 degrees of freedom

Coil compatibility

DuoMAG 70BF-LiquidCool
Magstim Air Film Coil
MagPro Cool B65-RO Coil
MagPro Cool B65-AP-RO Coil
MagPro Cool B35-RO Coil


1770mm x 1111mm x 650mm




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