Axilum TMS-Cobot

The Axilum TMS Cobot (collaborative robotics) system has been designed specifically to allow accurate, safe, and reproducible placement of a TMS coil during a non-invasive brain stimulation experiment or treatment session. With a smaller frame than the Axilum TMS Robot and a set of wheels, the Axilum TMS Cobot is ideal for labs and spaces where space is at a premium.

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Axilum TMS-Cobot

Axilum TMS-Cobot

Designed by Axilum Robotics, the Axilum TMS Cobot is a portable robotic system intended to automatically control the positioning, orientation, and contact of a compatible TMS coil.

The TMS Cobot can be used in conjunction with a neuronavigation system (such as Brainsight TMS Navigation), or with its own, native optical piloting system for applications where the participant's own anatomical (MRI) data is either not available or not required.

In both applications (in conjunction with navigation, or via the native piloting system), the TMS Cobot is capable of compensating for any movement of the subject's head, with the system's integrated pressure sensors ensuring that the coil maintains stays in constant, permanent contact with the subject's head.

Why use a TMS-Cobot?

When conducting a TMS study, it is crucial that the coil is placed accurately over the site of stimulation in order to induce the intended effect on the desired brain area. While this is not ordinarily a problem when delivering single pulses of TMS, in studies where the coil must be held manually for an extended period or in applications where the coil may be attached to a passive holder, subtle movements by the subject or operator can cause a TMS coil to drift significantly from the intended site of stimulation.

By introducing robotic navigation techniques into a TMS experiment, the researcher is not only able to accurately and reliably navigate to the desired site of stimulation on the subject's head but also compensate for any movement of the subject throughout the duration of the experiment, thanks to the TMS Cobot's motion compensation abilities.

The combination of these technologies ensures that researchers can be confident that they are delivering the correct dose of stimulation at the correct location throughout their experiment.

The system's intelligent integrated pressure sensor ensures the safe operation of the device at all times - the TMS coil will be applied to the subject's head at a constant pressure to guarantee constant contact while also maximising comfort for the subject.

Axilum TMS Cobot

The lightweight construction and small frame of the TMS Cobot ensure that it is suitable for use in smaller laboratories or spaces where the larger Axilum TMS Robot may be impractical to incorporate. The system's wheels also make it ideal for use in situations where TMS sessions may be carried out in different rooms as they can be easily and quickly transported from space to space by the user.

Axilum TMS Cobot and TMS-Robot are approved in the EU as Class IIa Medical Devices intended to automate and improve the accuracy and repeatability of the position of a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil. They bear the CE marking 0120 whose conformity assessment has been established by the notified body SGS. The Axilum TMS Cobot is intended for research use only in all other regions.

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Brainsight TMS NavigationThe Axilum TMS Cobot can integrate seamlessly with popular neuronavigation systems - such as Brainsight TMS Navigation - to allow for quick and easy navigation making use of a subject's individual MRI data. In instances where this data is not available, the system features a native optical piloting system to allow for easy navigation to the desired site of stimulation.


As well as compensating for patients’ head movements, the Axilum TMS Cobot features multiple collision detection mechanisms in each joint to ensure patient and operator safety. The system can also help to alleviate stress on the operator by removing the need to hold a heavy TMS coil for an extended period.


Half-Hemispherical Working SpaceThe Axilum TMS Cobot offers a generous half-hemispherical working space.


Axilum TMS CobotThe lightweight, compact construction of the Axilum TMS Cobot means that it is suitable for even small labs where the larger TMS Robot may not fit. Its built-in wheels also allow it to be rapidly moved from space to space in environments where TMS sessions may need to be carried out across multiple rooms.


Axilum TMS Cobot ChairThe TMS Cobot's construction and method of deployment mean that it is compatible with any chair available - no need to buy additional equipment beyond what already exists within your lab.


The Axilum TMS Cobot reduces the requirement for any contact between researcher and participant, allowing for greater compliance with social distancing practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Axilum TMS Cobot and TMS-Robot are approved in the EU as Class IIa Medical Devices intended to automate and improve the accuracy and repeatability of the position of a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil.

Robotic arm adjustment

6 degrees of freedom

Coil compatibility

DuoMAG 70BF-LiquidCool
Magstim Air Film Coil
MagPro Cool B65-RO Coil
MagPro Cool B65-AP-RO Coil
MagPro Cool B35-RO Coil


1770 mm x 1111 mm x 650 mm


143 kg

Patient Seat Compatibility

Compatible with any chair

Coil Guidance

Robotised OR manual positioning

Working Space


Head Motion Tracking


Coil Contact Sensor



< 2 mm (arm accuracy)


< 2 mm

Regulatory Status

CE mark - class IIa
FDA cleared


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