Brainsight TMS Chair

The Brainsight TMS Chair provides ultimate flexibility for your transcranial magnetic stimulation study, as well as improving comfort for TMS subjects.

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Brainsight TMS Chair

Brainsight TMS Chair

Compatible with the Brainsight TMS Navigation system, the Brainsight TMS chair provides the ultimate solution for flexibility in your non-invasive brain stimulation study.

The chair has been designed to be height-adjustable and is capable of swivelling and reclining based on the requirements of your setup. Adjustable, retractable leg supports provide flexibility for subjects to undergo a TMS session in an upright sitting position, or a supine position.

When using the chair in its upright configuration, a built-in chin- and forehead rest can be used to keep the subject's head still and minimise movement of the TMS coil from the desired site of stimulation.

For subjects where mobility is restricted, the chair's armrests can be retracted to allow for easy access to/from the chair.

Enhanced Coil Support

Two arms can be attached to the chair to hold two TMS coils simultaneously for applications of bilateral transcranial magnetic stimulation.

These purpose-built coil-holding arms have been specifically designed to provide an intuitive method of adjusting the position of a TMS coil over a subject, offering a number of points of articulation and built-in coil tracker mounts for use with the Brainsight TMS Navigation system.

Subject Support Options

The chair's sturdy chin rest can be used to ensure that the subject is kept in the correct position for the TMS study. The forehead rest is on an articulated arm so it can be positioned in any orientation to help the subject keep a stable position.

Brainsight Chair Subject Support

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When used in an upright position, the chair's chin rest can be used to keep a subject's head in the desired position for stimulation.


Users can attach up to two adjustable coil arms to the chair to support bilateral transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Retractable footrests and armrests allow for easy mounting/dismounting of the chair, making it suitable even for participants with limited mobility.

Base Dimensions

61 x 71 cm

Overall Space, when Reclined

72 x 182 cm

Chair Height Range

54 - 71 cm

Reclining Range

0 - 50 degrees

Max. Load (Subject & Accessories)

159 kg


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