Digitimer EMG Amplifiers

Digitimer offers a range of amplifiers designed specifically for use in electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) or evoked potential (EP) studies in human non-invasive brain stimulation research environments.

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Digitimer EMG Amplifiers

Digitimer EMG Amplifiers

Digitimer D440 Isolated EMG Amplifier

The Digitimer D440 isolated EMG amplifier is a portable, standalone, low-noise solution for human EMG studies. The Digitimer D440 features a wide amplification range of x100 to x20k.

Digitimer D440

The D440's gain, filter, and mode settings for individual channels can be adjusted using the Digitimer 'virtual front panel' software, or other software via a component object model (COM) interface. The D440 is available in two different configurations - the D440-2 (a two-channel isolated amplifier), and the D440-4 (a four-channel isolated amplifier).

Digitimer D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier

The Digitimer D360-8 Channel Patient Amplifier is a computer-controller 8-channel, patient-isolated AC-coupled biological amplifier and analogue filter system. 

Digitimer D360-8

The system is CE-marked according to the European Medical Device Directive and is intended for human clinical and research applications for electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) and evoked-potential (EP).

The D360 system offers versatile high and low-pass filter options, as well as a maximum gain of x3,000,000. The D360 system comprises a main amplifier unit, a remote active headbox and dedicated, Windows-compatible control software.

Digitimer D360R Multi-Channel Isolated Research Amplifier/Filter

The new Digitimer D360R multi-channel isolated research amplifier is intended for human research exploring electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG), or evoked potential (EP) studies.


The Digitimer D360R builds upon the design of the aforementioned 8-channel D360 Isolated Patient Amplifier, with the D360R-4 being the first iteration of this new family of amplifiers offering a compact, cost-effective solution for four-channel research. Future systems offering two-channel (D360R-2) and eight-channel (D360R-8) variants are currently in development by Digitimer.

Compatible with QTMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Software

The QtracW software is a highly flexible, stimulus-response data acquisition program for measuring, averaging, threshold tracking, and latency-tracking of nerve, muscle and cortical excitability with transcranial magnetic stimulation. 


QtracW is most appropriate for use in experiments where the researcher desires a platform capable of automatic calculation of rMT or aMT, and then run pre-programmed paired pulse protocols in which stimulator intensities are modulated as a result of EMG responses. This allows for typically paired-pulse paradigms (SICI/LICI/SICF/IHI) to be measured in terms of the change in motor threshold as opposed to the change in MEP amplitude, where a pulse is delivered that usually evokes an MEP of ~1mV. Throughout tracking, QtracW will also record and plot stimulus-response curves based on the TMS intervention being administered.

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D440The Digitimer D440 is designed to operate in AC and DC differential modes and includes a manually activated or externally gated de-block function, which can be useful for minimising the effects of magnetic stimulation artifacts.


Digitimer D440Electrodes can be connected to the front panel of the Digitimer D440 via 1.5mm DIN 42 802 or standard 5-pole DIN connectors.


The Digitimer range of EMG amplifiers can be integrated with the QtracW Threshold Tracking Software, for flexible, stimulus-response data acquisition with averaging, threshold-tracking and latency-tracking facilities.

Digitimer D360R Specifications


Input Impedance   


Max. Analogue Channels





x100 - x3,000,000 (10mV/V-0.33µv/V) 80 gains from x100 to x3,000,000

Low Cut Filter

0.05 - 255 Hz, 05 - 2.5 Hz (0.01 Hz steps), 5 - 62.0 Hz (0.25 Hz steps), 62 - 255 Hz (1.0 Hz steps)

High Cut Filter

20 - 25,000 Hz, 20 - 1300 Hz (5 Hz steps), 1300 - 25,000 Hz (100 Hz steps)

Notch Filter

(50/60 Hz) auto detected based on mains frequency


9-way connector on rear panel



Operating System

Windows 10, 32/64 bit and above


Headstage: 134 x 76 x 39 mm, Amplifier: 228 x 242 x 111 mm


Headstage: 0.255 kg, Amplifier: 3 kg

Power Requirements

120 / 240 AVC, 50 / 60 Hz


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