The DuoMAG MP TMS system for monophasic transcranial magnetic stimulation boasts a durable and robust design with a high-energy stimulation output.

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DuoMag XT


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive method of causing depolarisation or hyper-polarisation of the neutrons in the brain. TMS uses electromagnetic induction to induce weak electric currents using a rapidly changing magnetic field; this can cause activity in a specific or more general parts of the brain, allowing for the study of brain function and interconnectivity.

Single pulse TMS causes neutrons in the neocortex under the site of stimulation to depolarise and discharge an action potential. If used in the primary motor cortex, it produces muscle activity referred to as motor evoked potential (MEP) which can be recorded on electromyography. If used on the occipital cortes, ‘phosphenes’ (flashes of light) might be perceived by the subject. In most other areas of the cortex, the participant does not consciously experience any effect, but behaviour may be slightly altered (e.g. slower reaction times on cognitive tasks), or changes in brain activity may be detected using sensory equipment.

TMS can be used to measure the activity and function of specific brain circuits in humans. The most robust and widely accepted use is in measuring the connection between the primary motor cortex and a muscle to evaluate damage from stroke, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, movement disorders, motor neurone disease and injuries and other disorders affecting the facial and other cranial nerves and the spinal cord.

Numerous Configurations

The DuoMAG MP can be configured in a way to suit all budgets and workspaces. Whether you require a simple desktop set up to deliver single TMS pulses, or a cart, touchscreen interface and MEP module to record EMG responses, the flexibility of the DuoMAG MP is able to cater for all.

Easily Controllable

The DuoMAG MP is easy to interface different equipment to, due to the accessible connectivity provided by USB2.0 and TTL ports on each stimulator. Both the intensity and triggering can be controlled externally by systems such as Signal, Matlab & Python.


The DuoMAG MP system is a CE-certified medical device for non-invasive brain stimulation in humans. It is limited to investigational and research use in the USA.

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