DuoMAG MP-Dual

The DuoMAG MP-Dual Paired Pulse TMS combines two DuoMAG MP TMS stimulators to provide a fully configurable paired pulse TMS system.

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DuoMag XT

DuoMAG MP-Dual

The paired pulse functionality of the powerful DuoMAG MP-Dual system allows users to deliver precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses: a vital component when studying inter and intracortical inhibition and facilitation.

Delivering repeated pairs of monophasic pulses to two cortical regions over short periods can also be useful for induction of spike timing dependent plasticity (STDP) between two different cortical areas. STDP can be used to probe changes in synaptic strength between long-range connections within the human brain. The inter-stimulus interval for the two pulses is adjustable either in the supplied control software or external control via TTL inputs, offering the ultimate flexibility in ISI control.

DuoMAG MP-Dual TMS allows users to combine the two stimulator outputs into a single pulse, providing a pulse amplitude that is equatable to 140% that of a single DuoMAG MP stimulator output. The DuoMAG MP-Dual can also be used with two separate coils to carry out inter hemispheric (bilateral) stimulation.


The DuoMAG MP-Dual is easy to interface different equipment to, due to the accessible connectivity provided by USB2.0 and TTL ports on each stimulator. Both the intensity and triggering can be controlled externally by systems such as Signal, Matlab & Python.


The stimulator can be controlled from the coil handle, optional Windows-based touch screen interface, or triggered externally, with external communications supported via TTL in/out and USB.


For studies which explore intracortical inhibition or facilitation, the MP-Dual is capable of delivering pairs of pulses with an ISI of as low as 0.1ms between the range of 0.1 and 100ms. A quick capacitor recharge time also allows for a maximum stimulation frequency of 4Hz.


The DuoMAG MP-Dual can be used with two coils to facilitate inter hemispheric (bilateral) stimulation.


A software ‘boost’ mode allows both of the stimulators can be combined through a single coil to deliver a pulse with the equivalent output of 134% of a single stimulator.


The DuoMAG MP system is a CE-certified medical device for non-invasive brain stimulation in humans. It is limited to investigational and research use in the USA.

Pulse mode

Monophasic: single pulse, paired pulse and dual pulse


2x (49 cm x 19 cm x 38 cm)



Max repetition rate at 100%

1.0 Hz (single pulse) / 0.5 Hz (paired pulse)

Max repetition rate at 50%

2.8 Hz (single pulse) / 1.4 Hz (paired pulse)

Max repetition rate

4 Hz (single pulse) / 2 Hz (paired pulses)

Inter Stimulus Interval (ISI)

0.5-600.0ms (internal control) / ≥ 0.5ms (external control)

Pulse width (rise/decay)

100, 120 µs / 1.0, 1.2 ms

Mains voltage

2x (100-240Vac 50/60Hz)


TTL in/out and/or USB


USB or coil controls

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