DuoMAG MP-Quad

The DuoMAG MP-Quad combines four DuoMAG MP stimulators to provide a powerful, fully configurable quadripulse (QPS) monophasic TMS system.

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DuoMag XT

DuoMAG MP-Quad

The unique configuration of four monophasic stimulators allows users to control the amplitude of each individual stimulator, along with the capability of setting inter-stimulus interval (SI) and delivering the defined quadripulse stimulation through a single TMS coil.

This quadripulse functionality allows researchers to deliver precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses: a vital component when studying inter- and intra-cortical inhibition and facilitation. The ISI for each of the four pulses is adjustable either in the supplied control software, or through external control via TTL inputs, offering the ultimate flexibility in ISI control.

The DuoMAG MP-Quad also allows users to combine the output of four stimulators into a single TMS pulse, providing a pulse amplitude that equates to 140% that of a single DuoMAG MP stimulator output. The MP-Quad can also be used with four separate coils to carry out inter-hemispheric (quadrilateral) stimulation.


The DuoMAG MP quad can be programmed via the proprietary DuoMAG software and computer interface, or controlled externally via programmes such as Python, Matlab and Signal. Quadripulse stimulation protocols with ISI intervals from 1ms - 800ms and IQI from 500ms. Configurable intensities for each stimulus in a train and a stimulation frequency of up to 8Hz is possible.


Programme ISI from 1ms to 800ms, and IQI from 500ms (2s at max. output).
Configurable intensity for each A, B, C, and D stimulus.
Up to 8Hz continuous repetition rate (2Hz at max. output).


By joining four DuoMAG MP stimulators through the specially designed combining module, the MP-Quad is a highly flexible research tool, capable of being used as four separate single pulse stimulators, two paired pulse stimulators or a full quadripulse system. Talk to one of our product specialists about expanding your system today.


Standardised coil connectors mean full coil compatibility across the whole range of Deymed Stimulators, all equipped with built in controls for stimulation and intensity settings. Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled coils allow the researcher to run higher intensity protocols for longer. Each coil has an inbuilt temperature gauge which will automatically halt stimulation when necessary.

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