neuroConn DC-Stimulator MC

The neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR MC is a multi-channel tES device with independently programmable current sources for HD-tDCS, HD-tACS, and HD-tRNS.

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neuroConn DC-Stimulator MC

neuroConn DC-Stimulator MC

The flexibility of the neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR MC allows the system to be configured for single subject, high definition stimulation (HD-tDCS) or experiments where multiple subjects require stimulation at the same time, using standard stimulating electrodes.

The DC-STIMULATOR MC provides up to 16 freely-programmable, microprocessor-controlled constant current sources using independent channels. It meets the highest safety standards thanks to multistage monitoring of the current path using hardware and software. By continuously monitoring electrode impedance it can accurately maintain the user-defined current amplitude while also detecting if there is insufficient contact with the skin. The DC-STIMULATOR MC will automatically terminate stimulation to ensure subject safety.

The DC-STIMULATOR MC is not a medical device according to MDD94/42 EEC. It is intended strictly for neuroscientific research.

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The DC-STIMULATOR MC can be extended for use within the MRI, allowing simultaneous multi-channel and HD-tDCS-MRI experiments to be conducted.


Hardware and software monitoring and automatic termination ensure subject safety throughout stimulation.

Number of channels

4, 8 or 16 pairs (anodes & cathodes)
Unipolar (DC) and bipolar (AC) stimulation

tDCS signals

-4.0 to 4.0 mA current amplitude

tACS signals

Current peak to peak 8.0mA
Offset -4.0 to 4.0 mA

tRNS signals

Current peak to peak 8.0mA
Offset -4.0 to 4.0mA

MATLAB generated tBFS

Transcranial binary file signal (optional)

Control computer

1.6Ghz, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive, 15” monitor


Stimulator: 420mm x 295mm x 170mm
PC: 360mm x 86mm x 311mm


Stimulator: 4.2kg
PC: 4.3kg

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