neuroConn DC-Stimulator MOBILE

The neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR Mobile is a battery-powered constant current stimulator intended for clinical trials and home use of transcranial direct current stimulation.

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neuroConn DC-Stimulator MOBILE

neuroConn DC-Stimulator MOBILE

The neuroConn DC-STIMULATOR Mobile tDCS system is a non-invasive brain stimulation device specifically designed and developed for clinical trials and applications in the home environment.

The system comprises: the stimulator module, acting as the application and playback device, applying the stimulation sequences contained in the storage module; a storage module, is responsible for starting and controlling stimulation, and storing information regarding stimulation sequences, stimulation structure, voltage/impedance limits, and parameters for battery and storage personalisation; and the programmer module, allowing for data transfer between PC software and storage module and providing charging support to the storage module’s batteries.

Exclusive online smart analysis ensures proper setup and use of the stimulator, and storage modules can be cloud-enabled to allow remote clinician/researcher supervision.

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The DC-STIMULATOR Mobile weights just 66 grams, allowing for ultimate ease-of-use and portability for mobile tDCS applications in clinical trials and home environments.


The stimulator's storage module can be cloud enabled to support remote clinician/research supervision during stimulation.


The DC-STIMULATOR Mobile is a CE-marked medical device for tDCS application.


Stimulator: 71mm x 94mm x 15mm x 66g
Programmer: 71mm x 62mm x 15mm x 46g
Storage: 71mm x 39mm x 15mm x 42g

Power consumption

Max 0.25W

Power supply

Rechargeable batteries, charged via USB

Run time

Up to 3 hours


DC current +/-2mA

Accuracy of DC current

To 1%

Hardware offset

+/- 10uA

Voltage limit

Max +/- 16V

Stimulation modes

tDCS and sham

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