Neurophet tES Lab

Neurophet tES Lab 2.0 is a complete, powerful transcranial electrical stimulation simulation software that allows users to calculate and visualise brain stimulation effects based on individual brain structure and stimulus conditions.

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Neurophet tES Lab

Using MRI data, Neurophet tES Lab’s sophisticated AI engine is capable of carrying out fully automated, ultra-fast brain segmentation, allowing users to simulate all tissues separating tES electrodes from the brain (skin, skull, CSF, white matter, grey matter). 

Based on this MRI data segmentation, the built-in brain modelling engine is then capable of creating a fully personalised, 3D individual brain model that can be used to model current flow, which can increase accuracy in positioning electrodes and potentially lead to less variable, reproducible tES effects.

For those working without MRI data, the software also includes wide variety of human templates, from stock MRI data to fully-rendered 3D models for a fast, easily accessible research environment.

Neurophet tES Lab 2.0’s intuitive interface can calculate the best configuration of electrodes to apply focal stimulation to a desired target, in addition to simulating current flow from user defined montages (including 10-20 co-ordinate positioning). The software’s straightforward controls allow users to modify all aspects of the tES simulation, from customising electrode numbers, size, shape (circle, square, ring, etc.), position and intensity (in mV) to selecting waveform type (tDCS or tACS) in just a small number of clicks. 
Simulated stimulation results allow users to view the effects of the applied stimulation and analyse these findings in a number of ways, including user selected points on a segmented MRI. Neurophet tES Lab supports the export of 3D models and simulated stimulation result data for use in collaboration with other studies in a variety of common formats (MATLAB, Python, etc.).


Neurophet tES Lab’s user-friendly UI and ultra-fast operation provide the ultimate ease-of-use for researchers.


Neurophet tES Lab supports the import of MRI data, as well as providing a wide array of preset human templates.

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