Infinitome is a cloud-based connectomics platform, developed by physicians and neuroscientists, that uses structural and functional MRI data to provide researchers with highly-detailed, patient-specific parcellations of the Glasser atlas. Comprehensive, native data export options within the Infinitome software package then enable regions of the Glasser atlas to be exported to and used in conjunction with leading neuronavigation systems.

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Using MRI data, the cloud-based Infinitome software package provides researchers with a wide array of tools, visualisations, and export options to help neuroscientists gain deeper insights into the structure of the brain. Through combining functional and structural MRI data with diffusor-weighted imaging, Infinitome is able to parcellate the human brain into 379 subregions defined in the Glasser atlas. 

With the aid of these visualisations, Infinitome provides a powerful but intuitive platform that allows for easy identification of specific regions of the brain and the connections between them, with the built-in functionality to export this data to neuronavigation systems allowing researchers to quickly and accurately apply stimulation to their chosen brain areas.

Infinitome Connectivity Map

Even in subjects where the brain may be abnormally shaped or structurally reorganised due to injury, Infinitome is able to quickly provide researchers with highly-detailed connectomic maps of the human brain. Making use of novel 're-parcellation' techniques and diffusion tractography data, Infinitome's visualisations can be created and ready to use in less than one hour.

Infinitome uses resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and advanced machine learning algorithms to parcellate 379 subregions of the brain. As a result, researchers are able to view specific networks, subregions, tracts, and parcellations of the human brain both together and separately, as well as offering detailed comparisons to a large control group of healthy brain scans.

Functional connectivity between (sub)regions can be calculated, and any significant anomalies in the scan are identified to the researcher where required. Functional connectivity matrices within the software can also be used to identify which areas of one brain region form networks with others, which can be useful when identifying networks that may be affected by the application of non-invasive brain stimulation.

Infinitome Connectivity

Where relevant, Infinitome's Automatic Data Labelling functionality can also streamline the process of registering an individual scan against a subject's history and physician examination (H&P). Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms within the software are then able to read and interpret medical records (with support for both English and Chinese records) and extract any relevant information.

Infinitome also offers a companion neurocognitive testing tablet application. This application, which currently supports both MMSE (general test of cognition) and Corsi block tapping) processing and sequencing) tests, can be operated by both neuroscientists and trained non-experts to expedite the process of data collection, with results synchronising directly with the Infinitome software. Many further cognitive tests are planned for further updates of this application.

Infinitome offers comprehensive data export options: allowing researchers to run the outputs of their scans through other output models, and to export parcellated regions/networks, visualisations, and targets to other applications and systems.

For researchers working with TMS techniques in particular, Infinitome's direct export of brain targets into the Brainsight TMS Neuronavigation system can significantly expedite the process of fast and accurate placement of a TMS coil based on the individual subject's brain.

All sensitive, patient-related data within Infinitome is handled sensitively and securely with fully HIPAA-compliant protocols and state-of-the-art encryption techniques. Please note that Infinitome is not a medical device, and is intended for research purposes only.


Infinitome’s software requires images that are easily acquirable using commonly-available MRI scanners, adding only several minutes of additional scan time to routine scan and requires no additional investment in equipment.


Infinitome Healthy BrainInfinitome grants researchers access to a large control group of healthy brains to explore, as well as to compare and contrast with their own data. Levels of correlation between separate areas are measured, and any significant and meaningful differences are identified to the user.


Brainsight TMS Navigation CompatibilityVisualisations and coordinates can be easily exported from Infinitome into the Brainsight TMS Navigation system to allow researchers to easily navigate to a site of stimulation based on an individual subject’s scan.

Network Requirements

Existing LAN

Internet connection with minimum 25 Mb/s downstream bandwidth per client, and less than 100 ms latency


Client must have access to internet through ports 80 and 443


An existing email address is required to use Infinitome


Hardware/Software Requirements


i5 (or equivalent)


8GB or more

Hard Drive

2GB free space or more


1280x1024 minimum

Operating System

Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX, Linux


Google Chrome (min. v.78.0.3904)


Compatible with device using Google Chrome browser

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