Smart Eye Aurora

Smart Eye Aurora is a high-end, versatile eye-tracking camera capable of monitoring on-screen eye movements and saccades/anti-saccades in reading and finding objects.

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DuoMag XT

Smart Eye Aurora

Aurora works with different screen sizes and variances in ambient lighting conditions. The device is quick and simple to configure, deploy, and operate via its intuitive GUI and calibration routine. Smart Eye Aurora is compatible with glasses, contact lenses, and non-IR blocking sunglasses. Data output is available in real time or as a log file, and records eye position, gaze intersections, pupil diameter, saccades, fixations, blinks, eyelid opening, and more.

Sampling rate

30Hz, 60Hz or 120Hz

Head box

(freedom of head movement)
50cm x 40cm at 50-80cm distance

Head tracking accuracy

Rotation 0.3 degrees (typ.)

Gaze intersection

0.3 degrees (typ.)


TCP/UDP/Text log

Recovery time

Tracking Loss: immediate

Calibration mode/time

4 calibration points / 10-15


146mm x 24mm x 27mm

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