Smart Eye Pro

The Smart Eye Pro is a 3D eye tracker system available in 60 or 120 Hz, and has been designed to be completely flexible, allowing for free camera placement in even the most demanding environments.

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Smart Eye Pro

The Smart Eye Pro is a 3D eye tracker system available in 60 or 120 Hz, and has been designed to be completely flexible allowing free camera placement. This makes it easy to be installed in the most complex environments such as automobiles, airplanes, trucks, trains, simulators, control rooms (Multiple Screen applications) and other demanding environments. The system is configurable with the numbers of cameras required in your project – easily add, subtract or reposition cameras to create the desired head box or visual field.

Output data is available in real time via TCP/UDP or as a log-file. All data can be saved for each eye individually or combined. Also you can select between raw or user definable filtered data giving you full transparency in your output data and the possibility to define the filters yourself, no prescribed or hidden filters, which do not match your research.

The system is even open for customer-defined integration. With these powerful analysis packages you can create dynamic ROI’s, heat maps and statistics.

Due to its flexibility there are a wide variety of disciplines where Smart Eye Pro is suitable, including cognitive science, psychology, human-computer interaction (HCI), marketing research and medical research (neurological diagnosis). Specific applications include the tracking eye movement in language reading, music reading, human activity recognition and the perception of advertising.


The Smart Eye Pro interfaces easily with PST E-Prime, EyesDX MAPPS, MATLAB, and Eyetellect Gaze Tracker.

Sampling rate

60 Hz (with up to 8 cameras) 120 Hz (with up to 4 cameras)

Field of view

90-360 degrees (depending on number of cameras)


TCP / UDP / CAN (optional)

Recovery time



Any number of calibration points

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