The cutting-edge solution for unobtrusive recordings and groundbreaking auditory studies. Designed for creative and disruptive minds, Smartfones seamlessly integrates neuroscience into everyday settings, allowing you to Think, Listen, and Observe like never before. 

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mBrainTrain's Smartfones device offers a unique blend of style and functionality, catering to innovative minds keen on applying EEG research in real-life scenarios. With 11 semi-dry/saline-based electrodes strategically positioned, it ensures high-quality EEG recordings suitable for cognitive studies. Its standout feature is the ability to integrate simultaneous auditory input, synchronised with EEG output, enabling seamless experimentation in everyday settings. Smartfones revolutionise EEG research by making it accessible and impactful beyond traditional laboratory environments.

Smartfones with app

Compatible with 

  • Smarting amplifiers 
  • Smarting 24 channel Wireless EEG 
  • Smarting PRO 32 channel Mobile EEG 
  • Smarting PRO X 64 channel high-density mobile EEG


Acquisition Software

Smartfones enable seamless integration of auditory input and perfectly synchronise with EEG output vis either the Smarting PRO Streamer or Smarting Android app.


With a total of 11 semi-dry/saline-based electrodes (4 positioned around each ear, and 3 central electrodes along with REF and GND), this set-up ensures high-quality EEG recordings suitable for cognitive studies.

Selected References

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Channels for Auditory Studies

Immerse yourself in the world of cognitive exploration with 11 perfectly lined up channels, strategically placed for optimal auditory research. Four electrodes around each ear, three central electrodes, and REF and GND electrodes provide comprehensive data for in-depth cognitive studies. 

Audio Support

Experience a new dimension in brain research with Smartfones. Our EEG headset not only captures high-quality brain signals but also supports audio input, ensuring your auditory studies are fully synchronized with EEG output. 

Smartphone Integration

Seamlessly connect Smartfones to your smartphone using the Smarting Streamer or Smarting Android apps. This integration allows for simultaneous auditory input and high-quality EEG signal streaming, revolutionizing real-life brain studies in various settings. 


Smartfones EEG Headset is compatible with a range of Smarting amplifiers, including the Smarting 24-channel Wireless EEG, Smarting PRO 32-channel Mobile EEG, and Smarting PRO X 64-channel high-density mobile EEG. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into your existing research setup. 

Quick Setup

Enjoy the convenience of a quick and hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on your research without unnecessary delays. 

Associated Techniques

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