Smarting, a cutting-edge wireless EEG device designed for high-quality recordings and real-time monitoring of brain activity, even beyond the confines of a traditional lab setting. This innovative device, when paired with a PC, delivers superior data quality with submillisecond time precision, providing researchers with unprecedented insights into the complexities of the human brain.

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mBrainTrain's Smarting device offers high-quality wireless EEG recordings and real-time brain activity monitoring, both in and out of the lab. When paired with a PC, it delivers superior data quality and excellent time precision, making it a reliable tool for researchers. Motion tracking, facilitated by a 3D built-in gyroscope, contributes supplementary data, enriching EEG research capabilities. The battery of the Smarting device lasts up to 5 hours for wireless EEG data stream, up to 500Hz sampling rate.


Smarting is compatible with mBrainTrain’s innovative EEG headgear, Smartfones, perfectly suitable for auditory and music studies.



Acquisition Software  

Smarting seamlessly integrates with user-friendly streamer software for PC, facilitating wireless communication within a range of 10 meters. Configured pre-sets allow for possible configuration mistakes and enhance the ease of use. Recordings maintain precision and synchronicity in supported BDF or XDF formats. Smarting is equipped to handle Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) and TTL inputs with millisecond precision, while offering customisable keyboard markers. The software enables impedance measurement for each electrode and provides real-time visualisation of data acquisition.

Channels and Caps

Smarting features 24 channels, 1 ground (DRL) and 1 reference (CMS), with a customisable layout to accommodate additional EOG and ECG electrodes as needed. Smarting is compatible with both gel-based and semi-dry/saline-based EEG caps.

Selected References

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Advanced Motion Tracking

Equipped with a 3D built-in gyroscope, the mBrainTrain Smarting includes motion tracking capabilities, adding an extra dimension to brain activity monitoring. 

PC & Android Compatibility

The easy-to-use streamer for PC, and compatibility with smartphones enables seamless connectivity, allowing users to access real-time raw data effortlessly in a wide range of studies. 


Number of channels



PC support

Channel type / Reference

Referential channels / recording with one electrode

Input impedance

1 GΩ

Input referred noise

<1 µV

Input range

(-100)mV – 100 mV


> 140 dB



Sampling frequency

250 or 500 Hz

Sampling method

Parallel sampling



Flat frequency response

0-133 Hz, (3dB attenuation at 133Hz), true DC performance

Anti-alias filter


Active ground (Bias)


Wireless communications

Bluetooth range v2.1 + EDR

Bluetooth range

10 meters

Power supply

USB Type-C

Battery type 


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