Smarting PRO

The Smarting PRO is a cutting-edge mobile EEG device that combines reliability, mobility, and advanced features including integrated artefact removal using the Artefact Subspace Reconstruction algorithm (ASR); More than 10 hours of battery life; and mobile compatibility, streaming real-time high quality raw data, all for seamless lab-based and outdoor EEG studies. With a configuration of 32 channels, 8 ExG, 1-bit TTL and up to a 2 kHz sampling rate, this device delivers exceptional performance for any EEG study.

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Smarting PRO

Smarting PRO

mBrainTrain's Smarting PRO mobile EEG device offer real-time preview and recording of raw EEG data on both PC and Android phones. It features Artefact Subspace Reconstruction (ASR) to automatically remove artefacts like motion and muscle interference. Users can synchronise video recordings with EEG data for added context. The Smarting PRO Streamer software provides full control, while pre-set configurations reduce setup errors. The Smarting PRO caters to both professional researchers and students, offering convenience and reliability for EEG experimentation. It supports SD card recordings which enables offline streaming, on-device data backup and ultra-high sampling rate – while the device is completely disconnected from the software.


The Smarting PRO is designed with compatibility in mind, ensuring seamless integration into your research environment. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, this mobile EEG device pairs effortlessly, allowing researchers to stream high-quality raw data to Android phones, tablets, or Windows PC’s for real-time monitoring and control. The Smarting PRO Streamer provides comprehensive control over the device, empowering researchers with the flexibility to adapt to different experimental needs. The NFC technology facilitates quick and effortless connections, making it a breeze to switch between multiple Smarting PRO Line devices in a lab setting. Additionally, the compatibility extends to the mobile app, which supports a range of features such as automated artefact removal, configuration pre-sets, and the integration of video data with EEG recordings.

Acquisition Software

The Smarting PRO Streamer is compatible with Android phone, PC and tablet. Its user-friendly nature enables impedance measurement for each electrode and provides real-time visualisation of data acquisition. Configured pre-sets allow for possible configuration mistakes and enhance the ease of use. The Smarting PRO Streamer includes integrated real-time artefact removal (ASR), allowing both raw and filtered data to be visualised during the recording. Recordings maintain precision and synchronicity in supported BDF or XDF formats. The Smarting PRO Streamer is equipped to handle Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) and TTL inputs with millisecond precision, while offering customisable keyboard markers. When streaming EEG to Android, use the integrated camera of the phone to record video data synchronised with EEG to add environmental context.

Channels and Caps

The Smarting PRO supports 32 channels with the ability to supplement up to 8 configurable channels for ExG recordings. The Smarting PRO is compatible with both gel-based and semi-dry/saline-based EEG caps.

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Reliable Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a secure and reliable wireless connection, maintaining exquisite signal quality with 24-bit resolution, < 1μV input referred noise, and common mode rejection > 140 dB.

Outdoor Research

The Smarting PRO device provides complete mobility for various out-of-lab and outdoor EEG studies. It enables real-time streaming of high-quality raw data to a phone or tablet. The accompanying streamer application includes an automated artifact removal algorithm and comprehensive software support for recordings conducted beyond the typical range.


Smarting PRO supports a hyperscanning mode that optimises recording and synchronising multiple measuring devices. Synchronisation Merger, a simple engine where you drag-and-drop hyperscanning files, ensures seamless synchronisation of multi-subject recordings.

PC and Android Compatibility

Devices stream raw EEG data to your Android phone or PC for real-time preview and recording. Easily manage electrode impendences, set manual triggers and prepare for EEG studies beyond the lab.

Absolute 3D Head Motion

The Smarting PRO features an integrated 9D inertial motion unit for precise measurement of gyroscope, accelerometer ad magnetometer data across X, Y and Z axes (along with 4 quaternion channels). This fusion enables highly accurate head motion tracking in all directions.

Number of channels



Android support, PC support

Channel type / Reference

24 unipolar, 8 configurable bipolar or unipolar/recording with one electrode as reference

Input impedance

1 GΩ

Input referred noise

<1 μV

Input range

100 mV


>140 dB



Motion Unit

Built-in 9D inertial motion unit: 3D head motion tracking, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer

Sampling frequency

Up to 2000 Hz (with SD card)

Sampling method

Parallel sampling



Flat frequency response

0-532 Hz, true DC performance

Anti-alias filter


Active ground (Bias)


Wireless communications

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth range

10 meters

Power supply

USB-C rechargeable battery

Battery type 

Li-Polymer Battery, 1000 mAh, 3.7 V

Charging type 

Fast charging

Data streaming

PC, or mobile phone and/or SD card

Trigger input


Associated Techniques

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