Smarting PRO X

The Smarting PRO X, a state-of-the-art high density mobile EEG tool, with combined reliability, portability, and advanced functionalities such as the Artefact Subspace Reconstruction algorithm (ASR) for artefact removal. It boasts over 10 hours of battery life, mobile compatibility, and the ability to stream real-time high-quality raw data, facilitating seamless EEG research both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with 64 channels, 8 ExG, 8-bit TTL, and supporting up to a 4 kHz sampling rate, this device ensures outstanding performance across various EEG studies.



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Smarting PRO X

Smarting PRO X

The Smarting PRO X mobile EEG device from mBrainTrain allows for real-time preview and recording of raw EEG data on both PC and Android phones. It is equipped with Artefact Subspace Reconstruction (ASR) technology to automatically eliminate artefacts such as motion and muscle interference. Users have the capability to synchronise video recordings with EEG data for enhanced contextual analysis. The Smarting Streamer software grants complete control, while pre-configured settings help minimise setup errors. Catering to both professional researchers and students, the Smarting PRO X prioritises convenience and reliability for EEG experimentation. It supports SD card recordings, facilitating offline streaming, on-device data backup, and ultra-high sampling rates even when disconnected from the software.

mBrainTrain Smarting Pro X



The Smarting PRO X is meticulously crafted for seamless integration into your research setup. Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, this mobile EEG device effortlessly pairs with Android phones, tablets, or Windows PCs, enabling researchers to stream high-quality raw data in real-time for monitoring and control. With the Smarting PRO Streamer, researchers gain comprehensive control over the device, allowing them to adapt to diverse experimental requirements with ease. NFC technology facilitates quick and effortless connections, simplifying the process of switching between multiple Smarting PRO Line devices in a laboratory environment. Furthermore, compatibility extends to the mobile app, offering a variety of features including automated artefact removal, configuration pre-sets, and seamless integration of video data with EEG recordings.



Acquisition Software

The Smarting PRO Streamer offers compatibility with Android phones, PCs, and tablets. Its intuitive interface facilitates impedance measurement for each electrode and provides real-time visualisation of data acquisition. Configured presets minimise potential setup errors and enhance user-friendliness. Integrated real-time artefact removal (ASR) enables visualisation of both raw and filtered data during recording, ensuring precision and synchronicity in supported BDF or XDF formats. The Smarting PRO Streamer supports Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) and TTL inputs with millisecond precision, along with customisable keyboard markers. When streaming EEG to an Android device, utilise the phone's integrated camera to record synchronised video data, enhancing environmental context.

Channels and Caps

The Smarting PRO X supports 64 channels with the ability to supplement up to 8 configurable channels for ExG recordings. The Smarting PRO X compatible with gel-based caps for high density recordings.

Selected References

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A full day of experiments with just one hour of charging

Combining wireless, fast charging with long-lasting battery life, ensures over 8 hours of recording on a single charge.

Reliable Connectivity

With Bluetooth 5.0, the Smarting PRO X ensures a secure and dependable wireless connection. It maintains exceptional signal quality, boasting 24-bit resolution, less than 1μV input referred noise, and common mode rejection exceeding 140 dB.

PC & Android Compatibility

Seamlessly stream raw EEG data to your PC or Android phone for real-time preview and recording. Easily manage electrode impedances, set manual triggers, and prepare for EEG studies outside of traditional laboratory settings.

Advanced Motion Tracking

Equipped with a built-in 9D inertial motion unit, the Smarting PRO X offers precise measurement of gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer data across X, Y, and Z axes, along with 4 quaternion channels. This fusion technology enables highly accurate tracking of head motion in all directions.

Outdoor research with Automatic Artefacts Removal (ASR)

Offering complete mobility, the Smarting PRO X facilitates a range of outdoor EEG studies beyond the confines of the lab. It allows real-time streaming of high-quality raw data to mobile devices, accompanied by an automated artefact removal algorithm in the streamer application. This comprehensive software support extends recordings to unconventional settings.


The Smarting PRO X introduces a hyperscanning mode, optimising the recording and synchronisation of multiple measurement devices. Synchronisation Merger, a user-friendly engine, ensures seamless alignment of multi-subject recordings through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Number of channels



Android support, PC support

Channel type / Reference

56 unipolar, 8 configurable bipolar or unipolar/recording with one electrode as reference

Input impedance

1 GΩ

Input referred noise

<1 μV

Input range

±100 mV


>140 dB 



Motion Unit

Built-in 9D inertial motion unit: 3D head motion tracking, gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer

Sampling frequency

Up to 4000 Hz (on Internal memory)

Sampling method

Parallel sampling



Flat frequency response

0-1048 Hz, true DC performance

Anti-alias filter


Active ground (Bias)


Wireless communications

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth range

10 meters

Power supply

USB-C rechargeable battery

Battery type 

Li-Polymer Battery, 1900 mAh, 3.7 V

Charging type 

Wireless charging, fast charging

Data streaming

PC, or mobile phone and/ or internal memory

Trigger input

Wireless: LSL/UDP; tethered: 8-bit TTL, 1-bit TTL

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