TruScan Research EEG

The TruScan RE Research EEG system is built for demanding research applications, including TMS-EEG, tES-EEG, and NIRS-EEG, and features high sampling rates within a portable, easy-to-use device.

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TruScan Research EEG

TruScan Research EEG

TruScan Research EEG can stream data in real-time via UDP for Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) applications in addition to receiving triggers from external devices, enabling investigations of how externally-triggered post-synaptic events evolve over time. The acquisition user interface is intuitive to use in a dashboard format, and the review software allows easy but powerful analysis as well as expertise in a variety of common formats.

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The TruScan Research EEG integrates directly with the DuoMAG TMS stimulator range, allowing users to control TMS parameters and automatically trigger stimuli from within the EEG acquisition software. Integration with Brainsight TMS Navigation and Brainsight NIRS is also supported.


The accompanying acquisition software allows control over parameters such as stimulator intensity, total number of TMS pulses, repetition rate (both fixed and random), and stimulator recharge delay.


TruScan Research EEG supports up to 128 channels with a 3kHz sampling rate.


Unrivalled TMS artefact recovery time of 2ms.


32, 64, 128, 256

Analogue sampling frequency


Sampling rate of stored data

200, 1000, 3000Hz

Analogue time constant

1s, optionally up to 10s

Maximal DC offset




Input impedance

>20GΩ parallel to 35pF


12bit TTL

Data format

EDF+, ASCII Integer and ASCII Real

Power supply

Removable, rechargeable batteries. Intelligent charging arm


100mm x 50mm x 220mm



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