Brainbox Ltd

Same People. Same Stuff. Different Name.


Dear Rogue Resolutions fans,

We’re excited to share some fantastic news with all of you about some big changes coming this year. We have enjoyed a number of years of great success thanks to everyone that we have worked with, but it’s no secret that our name hasn’t always gone down too well with the internet. And that’s why we’re extremely proud to announce that we’ll be changing to ‘Brainbox Ltd’.

Same People. Same Stuff. Different Name.

Since we started Rogue Resolutions in 2010, we have always been committed to helping researchers find the best solutions for their brain stimulation and brain imaging studies: sourcing and configuring state-of-the-art equipment; providing in-depth training to get the most from these techniques and technologies; and being the first point of contact for ongoing, expert support when research needs change or when something goes wrong. This commitment is something we will continue to do, and to build on even further with Brainbox.

As we settle into our new identity over the next few months you can expect to see some really exciting new additions to our range of products too. You’ll still be able to find the same extensive range of devices that we currently offer, of course, but we’ll be bolstering this collection with brand-new-to-market, cutting-edge devices to expand the possibilities for your research programme more than ever before.

With these changes also comes an exciting new opportunity for the Brainbox Initiative. We’ve received so much amazing, encouraging feedback since its inception in 2016 that we are delighted to announce a new look, new website, and new events for the Brainbox Initiative this year. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has attended one of our events in the past, and we hope to see you again as more exciting new additions join our programme.

Thank you for helping to make Brainbox such an amazing community, and we’re really looking forward to working and growing together in future.

Brainbox Initiative

new look. more events. bigger plans.


With Rogue Resolutions’ change to Brainbox Ltd, we are very excited to let you know about our plans for the Brainbox Initiative in 2019 and beyond.

The Brainbox Initiative has always been committed to giving early-career neuroscientists a voice by helping a new generation of researchers gain the experience, exposure, and knowledge required to continue generating exciting new research. Now we want to reaffirm that commitment.

Over the last few years we’ve been blown away by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the Brainbox Initiative from all of our event attendees. We couldn’t be any more proud of what the Brainbox Initiative has become. We couldn’t have achieved that without our community of early-career neuroscientists, our scientific committee, and the dedicated Brainbox team. That’s why we’re taking steps towards making the Brainbox Initiative its own, independent service, and what better time to do this than with the Rogue Resolutions rebrand – thank you for helping us stand on our own two feet.

We’ll be moving to our new look and website over the next few months, so please bear with us while we make some changes. We’ll let you know when everything’s finished, and we really hope that you enjoy what we have planned for our biggest, most exciting year yet.