About Brainbox

At Brainbox, we have always believed in the importance of forging, developing, and maintaining strong links between academia and industry within the field of neuroscience and brain research. These strong links, we believe, improve, strengthen, and streamline the transfer of knowledge between those working in research and those working in industry.


We are committed to sourcing and providing neuroscience researchers at all stages of their careers across the world with the very best, state-of-the-art neuroscience equipment to help support every individual research programme.

Brainbox Ltd
Advanced tES Workshop
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The Brainbox Core Offering

Our extensive portfolio of products and services comprises cutting-edge technology and devices in the specialist neuroscience fields of:

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Our History

The company was founded in 2010 as Rogue Resolutions by Andrew Thomas and Dan Phillips, and in partnership with founding companies and longstanding partners Rogue Research Inc. and neuroConn GmbH.

In 2016, we founded the Brainbox Initiative; a project run in collaboration with some of the world’s leading neuroscience academics as a commitment to help provide early-career researchers with opportunities to grow, develop, and showcase their groundbreaking research. Under the umbrella of the Brainbox Initiative, we have run a number of hugely successful and well-received practical workshops, events, and conferences.

Brainbox Initiative

As of March 2019, we have changed to become Brainbox Ltd.

With the growth, evolution, and success of Rogue Resolutions, and the overwhelmingly positive reception to the Brainbox Initiative, it felt only natural for us to adopt a new look, feel, and name that better reflects Brainbox’s identity, missions, and ambitions.

We’re really excited for this new chapter in Brainbox’s story, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with our longstanding partners and everyone who has worked with us.