Customer Service Commitment

Customer Service is a fundamental part of who we are.

We believe that every customer should expect and receive good service, and because this is at the heart of our business, we want to make this commitment to you. Our Customer Service Commitment will help us make sure that we meet your expectations every time you deal with us.


  • We will make it easy for you to contact us – which you can do by:
  • We will take the time to truly understand your needs and recommend products and services suitable for your requirements.
  • We will take the time to explain and make sure you understand the recommended solution and its price.
  • We will do our best to get it right first time by providing an efficient and high level of service.
  • If we can’t resolve your query on the first call or email, we will explain the process and let you know how we will keep you up to date.
  • Our pricing will be transparent. You will always know what is and what is not included.
  • We will always offer training (available in a number of ways) on our products for new installations and for existing customers.


How do we go about ensuring we recommend the solution you need?

It is in our DNA to spend time understanding your requirements and objectives. This helps us have a meaningful discussion with you about the range of suitable options that might be available. Once we’ve established this, we can make recommendations for the overall solution, providing pricing, system capability and functionality, consumable requirements, and so on. You can start exploring our product range here.


In many cases, we are able to offer demonstrations of a technique, specific functions of a device, or a general overview, giving you a chance to assess the suitability of different solutions before committing to purchase. We are not always able to commit to a site visit, but there are other ways – such as online or one of our workshops – where this may be more efficient and just as effective. If you would like to discuss having a demonstration, please contact us by email, telephone or the contact form on this website.


For certain products we highly recommend onsite installation and training, while for others we may recommend online or telephone support. In both instances, our team of application and product specialists will be able to help you get most of the product right from the start.


We actively encourage all our customers to take advantage of the support materials that we provide as a first line to solve any queries before contacting us.

These materials include:

  • The product manual (provided with the device)
  • How-to videos (available on our website and YouTube channel)
  • FAQs

If you are still unable to find the answer to your question you can contact us via our technical support channels above.

We guarantee that we will investigate and aim to resolve any issues that you have as quickly as possible.


The majority of our products are manufactured to order. We will provide an estimated delivery timeframe for each product, based on the current capacity of our manufacturing partners, both on our quotations and order confirmations.

In the event that things are not running as smoothly as we would like, we will continue to keep you informed of the status of your order and its expected delivery.


  • What if there is something missing from my delivery?
    In the unlikely event you find that something you have ordered is missing from your delivery, please contact our Support Team stating your order number and provide details of the missing item. We will acknowledge your email and arrange delivery of the missing item as quickly as possible.
  • What do I do if my device has a technical problem?
    We encourage all of our customers, first, to consult the device operating manual, as well as any relevant application notes and how-to videos published on our website. These provide useful information that can help the handling of some technical problems that may occur with your device. If you are still unable to find the answer to your question, you can contact us via our technical support channels – telephone, Technical Support Form or email.

    We strongly recommend that regular data back-ups (where applicable) are made to ensure no relevant data is lost.
  • How do I return my device for repair, for an upgrade or some other reason?
    On rare occasions, there may be a need to return the device for some technical attention. If this is the case, please follow these instructions:

    Contact us via our Technical Support Form. Please include the name and serial number of your device(s) and the reason that you would like it to be returned. We will respond with a return number and shipping instructions for the package, unless we are able to help resolve the problem for you without the need to return.

    When returning your device, please make sure to pack all components (including cables). To prevent damage, please use appropriate packaging; ideally the original packaging for the device.
  • What if I need to expand the functionality of my device?
    Some of our devices have the facility to be upgraded to increase functionality or enable additional features. If you think your device requires an upgrade, please contact our Sales Team and provide the name and serial number of your existing device(s), together with an explanation of what new features or functions you need, and we will respond with details of options and pricing where applicable.
  • My device needs its software updating. What do I need to do?
    Software updates are normally detailed in the operating manual of the device or in the help menu of the software itself. If you need any assistance, please contact our Support Team with the name and serial number of your software and we will provide you with the necessary instructions to update, where applicable.


  • Provide us with all the relevant information about what you need, as early in the process as possible to ensure we recommend the right solutions for your requirements.
  • Let us know if we fall short of your expectations. Your feedback about how we perform (good and bad) is important to us and ensure that we are continually improving. If you have gone through our normal service channels and you believe that the experience doesn’t match our Customer Service Commitment, then we want to hear from you. Please complete our Feedback Form to give us an overview of what has happened and your contact details. This form goes directly to our Management Team, who will contact you within one business day.
  • Take the time to complete our customer feedback surveys when you receive them.
  • Ensure that invoices are paid on time.